Change Makers Club

The Change Makers Ambassadors Club (CMAC) is a club aimed at 12 – 20 year old females from disadvantaged communities. Whilst our Empowering Young Mothers Initiative aims to ensure young mothers are equipped to overcome the difficulties experienced by teenage pregnancies.....READ MORE

Young Mothers Program

Our Empowering Young Mothers Initiative is focused on promoting positive behavioral change in young mothers, their immediate families and wider society.This group addresses the stigmatisation experienced by young mothers after they give birth, and the difficulty they experience taking care of themselves and their newborn....READ MORE

What is SFLIG?

We believe if you educate a girl, you educate a nation. Solutions For Life Initiative – Ghana (SFLIG) addresses the need for this education to extend beyond the A, B, Cs of the classroom to ensure that the females of tomorrow are willing and prepared for a future beyond their limits.... READ MORE